In a city with the diversity that Philadelphia presents, it is essential to engage and understand each unique community to realize the potential for every home buyer and seller, every investor and developer.

The Michael Garden Group targets the distinct nature of each neighborhood throughout this exciting landscape to provide a Real Estate experience that addresses an evolving marketplace, while providing an individualized experience based on each client's needs. 

Through an outcome-based approach, The Michael Garden Group consistently offers the best available properties, from quiet listings to private sales to publicly marketed commodities. Our mandate is to exceed client expectations by delivering exceptional results.

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The success of my real estate practice is based on maintaining a high level of client representation. Knowing my client's needs, motivations, desires and bottom lines is the basis of my client relationships. Open, direct and timely communication between clients and colleagues are my key to advancing client interests. Having engaged in the market as an investor, developer and homeowner, my personal experiences continually inform my understanding of my client's experiences as they move through each transaction. This relationship based approach is enhanced with the Michael Garden Group. In working together with an extremely talented and capable team, I offer an expanded level of service and comprehensive approach to achieving client success in our increasingly dynamic marketplace.  Along with real estate, I share a passion for seeing to the development of the proposed Philadelphia Rail Park and serve on the Board of Directors of Friends of the Rail Park and The Ars Nova Workshop.



Since childhood, I was destined to work in real estate as I observed and shadowed my father’s home renovation and construction business. The transformative value creation that he infused into each project by preserving key elements of the property’s original beauty, while updating the home for modern living, exceeded each client’s expectations. As a real estate agent, I strive for the same client satisfaction by tactfully guiding our clients through the complex process of buying and selling their homes for both investors and end users.  Through discovering an exceptional home that perfectly suits a buyer’s lifestyle or uncovering the maximum value of a seller’s home, I follow my father’s lead in working to exceed our client’s expectations.


Lauren's experience working in hospitality has shaped her real estate practice, one that is based on creating meaningful relationships with her clients and helping them achieve their goals.  She helps her clients maximize their opportunities by discerning their needs, taste and budget.  Lauren practices clear, straightforward communication and always works to represent her clients' best interest.  As a homeowner and investor, she understands the buyer experience and all the variables that come into play in purchasing the right property. Lauren has a keen eye for identifying an exceptional property at any price point in any neighborhood.



Standing on thirty years of design, construction and investment experience, I am adept at pairing the best properties with the goals of our clients. Through engaging directly with residents of our clients’ targeted neighborhoods, I build relationships that often lead to quiet listings or properties being prepared for sale. This provides our team with the current pulse of a neighborhood and often access to properties most buyers and agents have yet to discover. A first time homebuyer or seasoned developer can rest assured that I will deliver the best properties available. I am equally adept at maximizing my network of relationships when representing sellers of residential and commercial properties whether in the Center City area or the suburbs.


Lena has been a highly successful property manager and leasing agent since 2010. Prior to entering the world of real estate, she spent 10 years in the fashion industry where she developed a keen eye for design, honed her negotiation skills and sharpened her attention to detail while producing photo shoots for major brands. These skills, in addition to her work with her husband designing and styling residential and commercial projects, enhance her expertise at every step of the home buying and selling process.

Lena is thorough, straightforward, and ensures that all of her communications are timely and thoughtful. A long time Philadelphia resident who has lived in several different neighborhoods; her deep knowledge of our communities allow her to match buyers to the right properties and maximize neighborhood assets when marketing and selling homes.

While managing the important challenges in every transaction, Lena has the rare capacity to maintain a level of ease and enjoyment from the first meeting to the settlement table.


Anthony has spent 20 years living and embracing the many facets and avenues of the Philadelphia landscape.  Personal relationships have been the cornerstone of his network in this city.  From listening to his clients talk about their lives and dreams during his career as a hair stylist to assisting friends and colleagues find good homes in good areas, Anthony has a long standing tradition of helping others discover assets and find joy in their neighborhoods and communities. Early stints as a bike messenger, provider of social services, and volunteer in afterschool programs have provided other valuable lenses through which he views our urban environment.

Anthony’s appreciation for the interconnectedness of the city and his passion for contributing to viable communities is what fuels his direction in real estate.  He is excited to find good people good homes, and continues to be a force of positive change in our expanding metropolis.  His personal attention to detail and embracing of the integrity and care that The Michael Garden Group gives to each client is paramount to his effective success.


Claudia developed her real estate expertise in the fast paced and competitive market of New York City. The vast scale of the Manhattan market required her to develop a capacity to quickly gain a clear understanding of her client’s needs, tastes, and aspirations, and hone in on the properties that would best suit her client’s criteria. Negotiating transactions in the New York market has given her the experience that allows her to excel in Philadelphia.  A resident of suburban Philadelphia, Claudia is fluid in both the suburban and Center City markets. Born and raised in Germany, trained in fine arts, and a founder of a not-for-profit organization, Claudia’s vision and aesthetics allows her to curate an exceptional real estate experience for each of her clients.

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